Big Foot Enters: Lobbying Efforts Intensifying on Prescription Drug Marketing Gift Ban

AARP Blog asks members to fight for prescription gift ban
AARP is the largest membership organization in the Commonwealth, with over 800,000 members in Massachusetts. With state budget conferees about to make the final decision on the prescription drug marketing gift ban, they have revved up their engines for a huge lobbying push. Their activities include thousands of calls and emails to their members, asking them to contact legislative leaders. They’ve also started drive-time radio ads on WBZ. Listen:

(click here if player doesn’t work in your browser)

Also joining AARP in opposing repeal of the gift ban is a group of student members of the American Medical Student Association. They’ve created wonderful graphics and tools for advocacy, here: Here’s an example:

You can take action too! The final budget is expected later this week, so call your legislator today.

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