How We Do? Campaign For Better Care policy recommendations included in Chapter 224: The Chart

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Back in January 2010, we launched our Campaign For Better Care, a consumer-driven coalition focused on working to educate the public and policymakers on the consumer stake in payment and delivery system reform. After much internal discussion, the campaign formulated 10 “Principles For Better Care,” and we posted them on our website and this blog.

Based on the principles, we came up with a sheaf of specific policy recommendations. We passed them on to the legislature, produced colorful fact sheets and highlighted them in a series of blog posts this spring.

Our goal was to see these principles and policy recommendations incorporated into the final legislation. We worked hard during the House and Senate debates to add policy provisions that were not included in the committee bills.

So on Monday, when the Governor signed Chapter 224 into law, we asked, how did we do?

Pretty good, we think. We’ve posted a detailed chart (pdf) listing each of our policy recommendations, and the corresponding provision of Chapter 224 relating to the recommendation. The chart shows that just about every one of our recommendations is reflected in the statute, though some are not mandatory. The real test will come with the implementation, of course. The Campaign For Better Care will be working out its role in the implementation over the next few months.
-Brian Rosman

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