We’re Still Number 1. Not News Anymore?

MA has the nation's lowest uninsurance rate

Today the Census released the American Community Survey, with state-level data on income, poverty and insurance coverage. The Mass Budget and Policy Center has all the numbers, including a page on health insurance, which is the source of the graphic above.

The overall MA insurance rate, at 4.3%, declined .1%, a not-statisically-significant amount. But coverage for young adults – age 18 to 24 – improved substantially. Their uninsurance rate went down from 8.7 percent in 2010 to 7.5 percent in 2011.

If you like playing with charts, the Census web site lets one drill down lots of different ways to construct your own data. For example, this chart shows uninsurance rates (and margins of error) in certain cities and regions:

  Percent Margin of Error
Massachusetts 4.3 +/-0.2
Boston city, Massachusetts 5.5 +/-0.6
Brockton city, Massachusetts 7.4 +/-1.8
Cambridge city, Massachusetts 3.5 +/-0.8
Fall River city, Massachusetts 7.6 +/-2.2
Framingham town, Middlesex County 7.7 +/-2.0
Framingham CDP, Massachusetts 7.7 +/-2.0
Lawrence city, Massachusetts 10.5 +/-2.1
Lowell city, Massachusetts 8.6 +/-2.5
Lynn city, Massachusetts 7.2 +/-2.0
New Bedford city, Massachusetts 6.6 +/-1.7
Newton city, Massachusetts 1.4 +/-0.7
Quincy city, Massachusetts 3.9 +/-1.3
Somerville city, Massachusetts 4.7 +/-2.2
Springfield city, Massachusetts 6.6 +/-1.3
Worcester city, Massachusetts 4.3 +/-1.1

Source: U.S. Census Bureau, 2011 American Community Survey

-Brian Rosman

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