Nu B-mark 4U: New State Cost Containment Web Site website on cost containament law

The Governor’s office today unveiled a new website that will serve as a central information source on the implementation of the Chapter 224, the Health Care Payment and Delivery System Reform law:

From the state’s news release:

– The Patrick-Murray Administration today launched a new website that will be a clearinghouse for information about efforts to control health care costs, creating a transparent home for updates on progress, notice of upcoming events and other information important to consumers throughout the Commonwealth.
“We took the next big step forward on health care reform by proposing and passing a cost containment bill,” said Governor Patrick. “This website provides important information on the law’s implementation in a centralized location and will keep the public updated on the progress we’re making.”

As the central location for information and updates on implementation, the website includes information on the law, notice of upcoming events, and a single portal for connecting with health care-related state agencies, authorities, and commissions. In the coming weeks additional resources will be added to the site with timelines of when specific provisions go into effect and how these efforts will benefit Massachusetts businesses, consumers, and health care providers. Stakeholder groups are encouraged to share this website with their constituents as a valuable resource to understand health care cost containment and the implementation process in Massachusetts.

In addition, they announced the first information forum for updates and input from stakeholders. The first forum will be held on Wednesday, Oct. 10, at 9:30 a.m. at One Ashburton Place on the 21st Floor. The forum will include the Executive Offices of Health and Human Services, Administration and Finance, and Housing and Economic Development, and the Health Connector Authority. The forum will provide progress reports and detail which areas of implementation each of the four agencies will oversee.

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