Call on Globe For A Correction: Obamacare REDUCES the Federal Deficit

Globe article on the policy positions of Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren

From Boston Globe, 11/4/12

Did you see the Globe’s Sunday Metro-front box, on the key positions of Senate candidates Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren? Did you catch the huge mistake, in the very first line?

Under the issue topic “deficit” (which is shorthand for how do we reduce the federal budget deficit), Brown lists “repeal Obama’s health care law” as the first entry.

What’s wrong with this picture?

Obama’s health care law reduces the deficit – substantially. Repeal would increase the deficit. The Congressional Budget Office is the official, non-partisan, expert, scorekeeper on deficit impact of federal legislation. They reported in late July that repeal of the Affordable Care Act (“ObamaCare”) would increase the federal budget deficit by $109 billion from 2013-2022. Just click here to read the official letter to Speaker Boehner (pdf), with all the numbers.

The article leaves the mistaken impression that repeal of the ACA would help the deficit, when the opposite is undeniably true. Will the Globe publish a correction?
-Brian Rosman

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