Happy 0th Birthday, Chapter 224

Today, Chapter 224, the state’s cost containment and health delivery system reform law takes effect. It’s the law’s 0th birthday (except in some east Asian cultures).

The Patrick administration sent out a long list of implementation steps already taken. Since the law’s signing, they have:


  • Held two special sessions at the Division of Insurance on the implementation of mental health parity provisions.  (more)
  • Held two special sessions at the Division of Insurance on the certification of risk-bearing provider organizations. (more)
  • Held a cross-secretariat Informational Forum on all implementation efforts related to Chapter 224. (more)
  • Launched a one-stop implementation website and e-mail outreach service to keep stakeholders informed.  (more)
  • Launched the Massachusetts Health Information Exchange, that allows for secure electronic health information to be transmitted between health care providers and organizations to better coordinate care, increase patient safety and lower health care costs.  (more)
  • Released a Request for Proposals (RFP) from the Group Insurance Commission that shows government leading by example in adopting new payment and care delivery models. (more)
  • Established the Center for Health Information and Analysis as the successor agency to the Division of Health Care Finance and Policy. (more)
  • Announced, with the Attorney General and the State Auditor, the unanimous selection of Áron Boros as the first Executive Director the of the Center for Health Information and Analysis. (more)
  • Announced the appointment of Dr. Stuart Altman as the Chair of the Health Policy Commission Board and the first full board meeting on November 16th, 2012. (more)

In addition, today the DCHFP morphed into CHIA – Center for Health Information and Analysis – with a new website at www.mass.gov/chia, and their former @MassHealthCare twitter feed now @Mass_CHIA (I wonder if they’ll update their old RSC → DHCFP mugs with the new twitter handles?)

Today’s effective date got national notice, as the Washington Post Wonkblog’s Sarah Kliff posted an interview with Stuart Altman, titled, “Meet the man Massachusetts thinks can crack its health spending problem.”

It’s just by chance the groundbreaking law’s effective date falls the day before the elections, but there’s some justice, as the future of health care in the US will be decided on Tuesday, just as the future of health care in Massachusetts takes off.
-Brian Rosman

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