MassHealth Releases Impressive Draft Strategic Plan

MassHealth Strategic Plan Cover

Last week, MassHealth presented to a group of advocates their draft strategic plan (download pdf), a detailed presentation of the top priorities for the Commonwealth’s Medicaid program. Medicaid Director Dr. Julian Harris emphasized that the document is still a work in progress, but MassHealth has allowed us to share the draft with the public.

There’s a lot of meaty substance here. For those who pay close attention to MassHealth, there’s nothing dramatically unexpected. But the plan includes some digestable updates on the program’s coverage and spending, a bold statement of overarching goals, and details of new initiatives to make sure the care provided to MassHealth members is integrated, coordinated, and focused on health. There’s also a focus on building an administrative structure that serves members, and uses state funds efficiently. The presentation also puts MassHealth’s goals in the context of the larger goals of the EOHHS Secretariat and the even larger goals of the Patrick administration.

We are well aware that proclaiming goals and objectives is just the first step towards action. Our motto as always is that implementation is everything. The divine is in the details. Still, this plan organizes disparate activities into a thought-out structure, and provides a level of transparency and accountability that is very welcome. We commend Dr. Harris for this step and look forward to collaboration for a new new MassHealth.
-Brian Rosman

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