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It’s A Wrap: Connector Board Votes to Keep State Mandate, Discusses BHP Alternative

Remember a year ago when we asked the question, “To BHP or not to BHP?” Well at the Dec. 13 Connector Board meeting, we learned the answer to that question. No BHP. Instead, we’ll have a wrap. The core of … Continue reading

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LA Times Looks At Global Payments in MA

Outsiders can often see you with better perspective than people close to you. At least smart outsiders who know what they’re talking about. That’s often the feeling I get when I read coverage of Massachusetts health developments from out-of-state sources. … Continue reading

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Thanks, Secretary Bigby (and Congratulations, Glen)

Tonight news broke that Governor Patrick’s Secretary of Health and Human Service, Dr. JudyAnn Bigby, is leaving the Patrick administration. Dr. Bigby signed up the very first day (here’s our post from December, 2006), and we thank her profoundly for … Continue reading

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Elizabeth Warren Named to US Senate Health Committee

Today the US Senate majority Democrats announced their committee assignments for the next Congress. While lots of attention was heaped on the appointment of Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren to the Banking Committee, we were thrilled to learn that she also … Continue reading

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Amy’s Trip to African Hospitals (Part 1)

Amy Whitcomb Slemmer, our Executive Director, is in Africa visiting hospitals in Tanzania and Uganda to learn about the health care systems in these countries. To the extent she can (internet is spotty) she is sending us updates and dispatches. … Continue reading

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Feds Approve Massachusetts Exchange Plan

This afternoon, federal officials released a letter to Governor Patrick approving the Health Connector’s application to be a federal health exchange under the Affordable Care Act. (see letter here (pdf), and federal HHS Secretary Sebelius blog post). Massachusetts was one … Continue reading

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