HCFA Hosts Legislators At Bill Cosponsorship Fair

Representative Thomas P. Conroy talks with HCFA staff members.

Representative Thomas P. Conroy talks with HCFA staff members.

Last Thursday, Health Care for All hosted its bi-annual legislative cosponsorship fair for the new session on Beacon Hill.

HCFA invited senators, representatives, and their staff to engage HCFA policy staff in a dialogue about our legislative priorities this session (here’s the list (pdf)). Legislators visited tables where they could learn about recent developments and our proposals in health reform, children’s health, prescription reform, oral health, and private insurance. Legislators could then agree to cosponsoring our bills in these fields. Representatives from HCFA’s Helpline were also available to inform legislators about the help they could provide to constituents.

The event proved a success, with a steady stream of senators, representatives and their staffers engaging with HCFA staff. Representative Sanchez, who sponsored the event, began with praise both of the event and HCFA itself (specifically noting the utility of the Helpline), and encouraged attendees to spend time talking with HCFA staff. They took his advice: the room was lively for two hours with passionate conversation about policy. Both legislators and their staff found a great opportunity for an education on over fifteen upcoming legislative proposals, and by the end of the event many in attendance had put their names down as cosponsors.
-Devon Branin

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