Thank You, Mr. Mayor

Boston without Mayor Menino at the helm?  Nearly impossible to imagine!  He’s been Mayor for most of Health Care For All’s history and he’s been a terrific friend as he has made Boston healthier, safer and ready for success in the complicated 21st century.  Our Mr. Mayor is a determined champion of the underdog – which is clearly part of the attraction for HCFA and this political leader.  As we focus on creating a health care system that provides care for everyone, particularly the most vulnerable among us, Mayor Menino is in the streets talking with under-served people, listening to their challenges and helping shape city policies that make lives better.

The Mayor attracted wonderfully talented people to work with him and has been a champion of public health. For example, he endorsed the politically controversial, but clinically effective, needle exchanges that saved lives by preventing the spread of HIV infections among injection drug users. More recently, he decided to combat the thorny and complicated obesity epidemic by setting the outrageously ambitious goal of having Boston shed 1 million pounds.  To get us all moving in the right healthy direction, he founded Boston Moves For Health, which challenges all of us to improve our health through exercise like walking or playing more.  Because of Mayor Menino’s leadership Health Care For All has 83% of our workforce enrolled in the Boston Moves program and just today we all participated in an hour of recess out on the Common.  Thanks, Mr. Mayor, for the first real recess most of us have experienced in years! We learned more about how exercise can improve our children’s health, social skills, and provide a chance at a better education!

We are completely excited to see what our Mayor can accomplish in the next nine months, and we stand ready to support him.  Between now and the end of his remarkable public tenure, it will be Health Care For All’s privilege and pleasure to honor the enduring legacy and wonderful work of Mayor Menino.  Please plan to join us at For The People on April 10th, where we will give Mayor Menino our Distinguished Leadership Award.  It will be wonderful to thank and pay tribute to the work of our friend and committed public servant.

Amy Whitcomb Slemmer
Executive Director, HCFA

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