SQAC Meets and Discusses Measure Set

The Statewide Quality Advisory Committee (SQAC) met this morning.

The bulk of the meeting was focused on an evaluation of the 35 non-mandated measures approved in 2012 by the committee for inclusion in the Standard Quality Measure Set (SQMS). The Lewin Group was hired to evaluate the measures and determine if any of them that were seen as moderate recommendations should be moved to strong and vice-versa.

The evaluation recommended that 6 measures that had been judged as moderate be considered strong and that 8 measures that had been considered strong be moved to moderate. After much discussion, it was determined that going forward the committee should not determine if recommendations are strong or moderate but rather that once the committee decides a measure should be in the SQMS, it is in there. So as measures are evaluated for inclusion, they can be given a “score” based on the criteria set forth by the SQAC for evaluation (ease of measurement, reliability and validity, field implementation, and amenable to targeted improvement) and then the SQAC will determine if they are in or out of the SQMS. As was mentioned, the committee selected the 35 non-mandated measures in 2012 out of hundreds that were nominated, so why do further selection with a strong or moderate recommendation if it was already determined that they are important enough to have in the set.

The Lewin Group also evaluated the three measures that were submitted over the summer as part of an open and public process for individuals and organizations to nominate measures for consideration for the SQMS. This summer, only 3 measures were submitted, many fewer than in 2012. HCFA questioned the lack of nominated measures, and was told part of the reason was  a lack of public outreach by CHIA about the nomination period. We hope to see more publicity about this opportunity during future nominating periods. HCFA nominated two measures-patient confidence and shared decision-making. Both were evaluated and not recommended for inclusion in the measure set at this time but both were also seen as measures that should be reconsidered in the future as they become more widely implemented and studied.  After HCFA mentioned that shared decision-making is mentioned in Chapter 224 as part of the standards for both medical homes and Accountable Care Organizations , Iyah Romm did point out that the Health Policy Commission can consider measures beyond what is in the SQMS. The one measure that was nominated over the summer and was recommended for inclusion related to birth trauma.

The SQAC will meet again on October 21, 3-5pm, at CHIA, 2 Boylston Street, 5th floor.
-Deb Wachenheim

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