Standardard Quality Measure Committee Approves Final Report

The Statewide Quality Advisory Committee met last Monday and approved its year 2 final report. The report should be posted on the website soon, and you can see last year’s report and meeting materials here.

Before approving the final report, the group heard a presentation from Dr. John Wasson, the creator of, a tool for measuring patient confidence in care.

HCFA had proposed that patient confidence and measures of shared decision-making be considered for the Statewide Quality Measure Set. Dr. Wasson came to the meeting to inform the group in more detail about the patient confidence measure. Thanks to his presentation and discussion  with the members, the final report, while not approving patient confidence or shared decision-making measures right now, will recommend that they should continue to be examined and considered as they become more widely used in Massachusetts.

The one new measure that was added to the measure set relates to obstetric trauma during birth with instrumentation.  The final meeting of 2013 will be on December 16, 3:00pm, at CHIA, 2 Boylston Street, Boston, 5th floor. The group will revisit its 2013 priorities (behavioral health, care coordination, and patient-centered care), discuss whether or not they were addressed, and talk about priorities for 2014.
-Deb Wachenheim

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