Connector: Despite IT Vendor Underperformance, More People Will Be Covered In January

Connector Slide: Highest Priority is coverageThe Health Connector held their board meeting this morning. We’ll have a more detailed Board summary report up soon, but given the uncertainty about their website and enrollment we wanted to quickly share some of the updates. (Also, see this Herald article posted earlier today for some uninformed speculation, and this Herald banner developing story after the meeting focusing on website IT issues.)

The takeaway: Despite major website and data problems, the Connector is setting up work-arounds that will make sure that coverage will remain in place for eligible people after January, and that new applicants can get coverage. Administration and Finance Secretary and Connector Chair Glen Shor declared that more people will be covered in Massachusetts after January 1 than are covered today.

As of yesterday, over 93,000 coverage applications have been started, and 34,690 applications submitted.

Here are the key slides on coverage plans:

Connector Slide: Protecting existing coverage

Connector 12-12-13 slide - Adding New People

Connector 12-12-13 slide - Next Steps

Shor said that there are serious concerns about the consistent underperformance of the IT vendor, and that fundamental solutions will need to be discussed in January.

We’ll have more to say as we learn more about the details. But we hear the ongoing frustration of people trying to get through a dysfunctional web eligibility and enrollment system, and are very pleased of the commitment by the state (Connector, MassHealth and others)  to find alternative pathways to coverage, with no delays and no gaps in care.

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