SQAC Looks At Quality Measures

The Statewide Quality Advisory Committee (SQAC)  met this week for its final 2013 meeting.

The group looked at an overview of the current Standard Quality Measure Set (SQMS), which includes 128 measures, 93 of which are mandated and 35 or which were recommended for inclusion by the SQAC after a measure nomination process. Seventy of the measures look at ambulatory care, 51 are for hospital care, and 7 look at care in post-acute settings (skilled nursing facilities and home health).

Looking at the priority areas that are covered by SQMS measures, 20% of them are care coordination measures, 16% are chronic disease measures, 12% are preventive care measures, 9% are pediatric measures, 9% are behavioral health measures, 6% maternal and neonatal health care measures, 27% are other and 0% are patient-centered care measures.

There was a lot of attention paid to patient-centered care measures during 2013 SQAC measures, with presentations on Patient-Reported Outcome Measures (PROMS) and patient confidence measures, as well as nominations for the inclusion of patient confidence and shared decision-making measures in the SQMS. While those measures were not chosen for inclusion, the SQAC will continue to look at them and, as CHIA Executive Director Boros said, will consider making stronger statements about their importance even if they are not included in the set.

Based on the group’s discussion of domains and measure types that are under-represented in the SQMS, the next steps as outlined by Boros are for CHIA staff to:

  • Develop a straw model for reporting on a specific population;
  • Characterize existing SQMS measures as looking at overuse or unnecessary use of care, for those that do so, and propose other overuse measures that could be nominated for inclusion in the SQMS;
  • Start looking at measures relating to outpatient specialist care.

The next SQAC meeting is Monday, February 10, 3-5 at CHIA, 2 Boylston Street, 5th floor. Sometime following that meeting, there will be a solicitation process for proposed measures for the measure set.
-Deb Wachenheim

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