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Connector Works On Backlog and Coverage Workarounds. #progress

This morning’s Connector Board meeting served as the second weekly briefing on the Commonwealth’s progress in addressing application backlogs and moving people into coverage, while planning for longer-term website fixes. Materials from the meeting are are on the Connector web … Continue reading

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Health Connector Website/IT Progress Dashboard Released

The State House New Service has already dubbed Sarah Iselin as the “Health Connector web czar.” And her official title is apparently “Special Assistant to the Governor for Project Delivery.” Whatever her title, she’s making big steps forward.. Friday she … Continue reading

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When It Comes to Market Share, How Big is too Big?

The Health Policy Commission (HPC) answered this question in its full commission meeting this week on Wednesday, February 19, 2014.  As David Seltz stated in his Executive Director report, the agenda for Wednesday’s meeting was short, but very important.  According … Continue reading

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Changes coming to A Healthy Blog and Our Website (

Friends, changes are coming to this very blog and We are completely revamping our website. We’ll have a whole new look and feel and we’ll be making it a lot easier to get involved with our community organizing team, … Continue reading

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Do Not Mock the MOCC

MOCC stands for the “Massachusetts Operational Command Center.” It’s the structure set up by Sarah Iselin, the Governor’s special assistant tasked last week with managing the repair of the states health insurance enrollment website and underlying IT. Monitoring operations around … Continue reading

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Meet the New Boss. (NOT the same as the old boss)

Between Governor Patrick’s press conference this morning (press release; and in-depth report from the Springfield Republican) and the Health Connector Board meeting this afternoon (Connector meeting presentation (pdf)) , today has been a busy day for discussing the key challenge of … Continue reading

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FAQ: Why did the Connector need a new website? Why can’t they just use the old one?

With the continuing issues with the Health Connector/MassHealth enrollment website, we get asked the following questions constantly: The old web site worked just fine. Why did they need to build a new one? Why can’t they just go back to … Continue reading

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