Health Connector Website/IT Progress Dashboard Released

The State House New Service has already dubbed Sarah Iselin as the “Health Connector web czar.” And her official title is apparently “Special Assistant to the Governor for Project Delivery.” Whatever her title, she’s making big steps forward..

Friday she released the first “Massachusetts Health Exchange Dashboard.” The document includes the following updates of progress made this week:

  • The Health Connector has processed all of the roughly 22,000 applications which had been entered into the system. Of these, nearly 15,000 people have been placed into temporary MassHealth coverage, and around 7,000 were found to be already covered.
  • They made progress on the 50,000 paper application backlog. Of these, 28,000 were screened. Among those screened, 4,000 were discovered to be duplicates, and 15,000 were already covered. This leaves 9000 remaining of the screened applications to be processed, and an additional 22,000 to be screened. Precessing will occurn weekly now, as opposed to the previous monthly schedule.
  • Additional staff have been hired to process applications. By early next week, the Connector expects to have 233 newly trained agents, ramping up to 318 within 2 weeks.

These were encouraging signs of progress. We particularly commend the administration for the transparency around their work. While there is still a long way to go, were are pleased to see substantial advances being reported today.

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    Hate to say it, but I’ll believe it when I see it. We still have applications from Oct, Nov & Dec that are NOT processed.

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