Well, this is scary

Headline: Sen. Brown Hail GOP Plan to Cut Medicaid Spending

Senator Brown should know that the “GOP Plan to Cut Medicaid Spending” is a dagger aimed right at Massachusetts.

Here’s our analysis from a few weeks ago:

Deep cuts would be made to both the Medicaid funds Massachusetts is expecting over the next decade, and to funding provided to the state under health reform. Combined, the loss over 10 years would be a staggering $44.5 billion.

Here’s the year-by-year breakdown of federal funds lost to Massachusetts compared to current projections (notice the millions change to billions):

2012: $53 million

2013: $436 million

2014: $2.15 billion

2015: $3.45 billion

2016: $4.47 billion

2017-2021: on average, 6.8 billion/year

These sums are hard to imagine in human terms. Let’s help. The $436 million the Commonwealth would lose in 2013 is enough funds to fully cover over 120,000 children. The $2.15 billion the state would lose in 2014 could cover around 190,000 disabled seniors. If the $4.47 billion the state would lose in 2016 were taken out of Medicaid, it would lead to the loss of over 75,000 jobs, as our economy contracts due to the loss of federal funds.

Let Senator Brown know what you think.

-Brian Rosman

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2 Responses to Well, this is scary

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  2. that is scary… thats quite a big adjustment for a yearly budget…

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